Music and Lyrics: A. Hicklin / A. Krabman / N. Geusebroek


I’m looking at the smoke as it goes round

And I don’t ever think this will burn out

How we still glowing

How we still glowing


Yeah they said that we’d all turn to ashes

But you shake it off all relaxed

You keep it going

You keep it going


I know that the flames won’t stop us

When the rain really starts to drop

Yeah I know that the flames don’t stop cuz


Baby you’re a wildfire

Running through my vains

Every little step i take closer to you

I can feel the sparks lighting up in the room

Baby you’re a wildfire

Still dancing round my brains

Everytime I catch you’re looking at me

I can feel the rush from my head to my feet


I’m never gonna let you go